Pricing Information

Licensing Fees

New Customers
QDS-Web™ License Fee: $1250 (first year) / $1000 (subsequent years)
First year cost includes 1 Design Studio license and 1 Warehouse Manager license.

Existing customers
QDS-Web™: $750 (first year) / $1000 (subsequent years)
Requires current v3.0 Design Studio and Warehouse Manager license

Hosting Fees

Hosting Fee: $199 (Monthly) or $2000 (Annual)
One-time server configuration fee: $399

Order Form

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Licensing Details

The standard QDS-Web™ license fee includes support for up to 5 different survey instruments per year. Additional surveys may be added for a cost of $100/instrument.

The hosted server configuration fee covers customization of your survey templates to include custom graphics, colors, and layouts specific to your organization, study, or survey instruments.

Please contact our sales team to discuss using QDS-Web™ to support your web-based data collection needs.