About QDS-Web™

QDS-Web™ – the latest component in the QDS™ suite – allows you to collect data from anyone, anywhere.

Three modules are all you need to take your survey from concept to analysis.

QDS-Web™ provides researchers with a Web-based data collection system that:

  • Requires no software programming knowledge
  • Supports complex questionnaire logic necessary when conducting biomedical and behavioral research studies
  • Enables researchers to automatically generate all materials needed to administer a questionnaire
  • Is compatible with all major browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
  • Enables researchers to administer a questionnaire in any language supported by Windows.
  • Is an extension of NOVA's Questionnaire Development System (QDS™), a complete system for developing and administering research data collection applications using multiple modalities, including handheld devices — read more about QDS

QDS-Web™ System Requirements

  • Active Internet Connection
  • Major Web Browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.)

QDS-Web™ Privacy and Security Statements

Click here to view the QDS-Web™ Privacy and Security Statements.

QDS-Web™ Help Documentation

Click Here to view the QDS-Web™ help documentation within the QDS™ 3.0 Help System.