Demonstration Survey

Adult Health and Wellness Survey

This demonstration survey includes screens showing the different types of questions and responses you can use in QDS-Web™ — gender, yes-no, and pick-one radio button responses, check all that apply, date, time of day, time span, and numeric, as well as rating scales (see image above). Selecting 'Other' for either "Which of the following best describe your race?" or "What is your current marital or partnership status?" will demonstrate 'Other specify' text items.

The questions in the cigarette smoking section demonstrate skip and consistency checking with QDS-Web™. A skip pattern will be triggered in the cigarette smoking by selecting 'No' to the " Have you ever smoked a cigarette? " lead-in question. A consistency check with pop-up message to the respondent will be displayed if you respond that the number of cigarettes you smoked yesterday was greater than the number smoked during the past 7 days. This demo survey contains approximately 25 elements, but will vary based upon your responses.
Click Here to try out the survey in QDS-Web.